Sponsor a Campaign

At ZLT our donors become members of our family. Donors can contribute with a one time contribution or monthly donations to supporting our children's care and educational success. 


100 from 100 

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Assist in supporting ZLT's annual financial sustainability by becoming a monthly donor. 100 FROM 100 is a global campaign with 100 people donate $100 per month as an individual, workplace, group of friends, or family. 100 FROM 100 campaign supports education, nutrition, medical care, and support for our children. Annually we hope 100 FROM 100 will assist with 80% or more of our annual donations required for operation.   More information →


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Education is the key to overcoming poverty and reaching success. In many societies children who are orphaned or live in foster care are considered to be lesser than other children. For this reason it is incredibly important that orphaned children receive access to education. At ZLT we pride ourselves in providing quality education from primary to post secondary. Help us continue to give the gift of education!  More information →


Continued Education


Every child at Zawadi la Tumaini Children's Home is provided with the opportunity to continue their education after graduating high school. Beginning in Grade 10 we begin speaking with our children about possible career paths and what jobs they feel passionately about. Following graduation we assist our children with CV development, University Applications, College Applications, and finding part-time employment.  More information →

Sustainability Programs

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ZLT Sustainability Programs include acquiring land and beginning construction of our permanent home. Being able to construct our own home and own land to begin agriculture will allow the organization to save thousands of dollars annually. 


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