International Day of the Girl

Today marks international day of the girl. 

Today we celebrate these incredible young women who inspire us each and every day. Our girls have seen poverty. They have experienced the heartache that loosing both parents, or being abandoned, brings. Some have been abused beyond anything we can imagine. Each young woman has a different story but ultimately if they had not been found, and joined our family, their lives would be very different. 

There are millions of orphaned children in Kenya today. Unfortunately for the girls who are orphaned or abandoned in the slums of Nairobi there is usually minimal supervision with guardians, or no guardians to care for them at all. Girls like our dear Hadija, or Faith- who was abused beyond recognition before coming to our home, would have been living on the streets and subject to unplanned pregnancies, rape, drug use, and prostitution. Life would have been very difficult for them. Joining the Zawadi la Tumaini family has provided our girls with a second chance. A chance to have a successful future.

At Zawadi la Tumaini we believe every girl deserves access to education. We believe girls have the potential to make a difference in all levels of society. Each of our girls has been provided with the opportunity to reach for the stars and chase her dreams for the future. We believe in our girls dreams, and we thank you all for helping them turn those dreams into a reality. 

With love,



Founder and Director of Zawadi la Tumaini Children's Home