Education scholarships

Education is the key to a successful future. 

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Pictured is Brian - a goofy, fun loving, 12 year old who fills our home with joy. 


At ZLT we strongly believe that education is the key to a successful future. Our children are provided with quality private education from primary school to post-secondary graduation. We assist our children in unlocking their potential by ensuring they have access to all the academic resources required to succeed. Our children struggling academically receive tutoring after school and on Saturdays, and when available during holidays. 

Through the support of generous donors we are able to send our children to some of the top primary schools in our local community and depending on their results from the KCPE exams (national grade 8 examinations), send them to the best high schools possible. 

In Grade 10 (Class 2) we begin to work with our children, now teenagers, on future career planning. Tapping into their interests for the future and preparing for university and college. 

In 2017 three of our children graduated from high school and are now looking for part-time employment until continuing their education. Upon graduation from high school our team assists with CV building, job searches, university and college applications, and interview training.

Education Scholarships assist with primary - post secondary tuition, resources, and uniforms.