Home of Hope - Build / Agricultural Project  


Since opening our doors in 2013 we have dreamed of building our "dream house". A home equipped with a library / homework space for our children, a kitchen and dinning room where we can gather to share meals as a family, a living room with space for our children to grow and play, an art room for them to express themselves creatively, a secondary quarters for our children who are 18+, and rooms for our children to sleep peacefully and dream big. When we think of our dream home we think of a large space for farming, to improve our homes sustainability, and a space for our children to play football, dance, and play in a safe environment. 

Due to unexpected expenses with emergency surgeries, illnesses, and lack of funding we had to put our dreams of construction and sustainability through agriculture on hold. In 2018 -2021 we plan to begin the process of building a home to call our own through the Home of Hope campaign. 

Projected Phase 1 Expenses: 

Land Purchase - $70,000 USD (inclusive of legal fees) 

Construction - $75,000 USD

Furnishing - $2,000 USD 

Agriculture - $1,000 USD 

Solar Panels - $2,000 USD 

Labour Costs - $3,000 USD 

Project Total = $153,000 USD 

*project totals / expenses may change based on cost of goods at time of purchase and conversion rates*






USED ZLT-0105.jpg

Sustainability through Agriculture
Olive is pictured with some of our basins used for Urban Gardening.