Frequently asked questions //

Q: What is Zawadi La Tumaini? 
A: Zawadi La Tumaini, home to 26 orphaned and abandoned children, is a home located in Nairobi, Kenya founded on family-style care with an emphasize on quality education, medical care, and support to all of its children. 

Q: Do you plan to expand your home to take more children? 
A: We currently house 26 orphaned and abandoned children. In the future we may expand our organization in the form of additional homes around the world.  As for expanding our current home, we believe in providing quality, family style care for each of our children, which at the core of our model starts with maintaining a maximum of 25-30 children in each of our home care environments. 

Q: How old are the children at the Zawadi La Tumaini home? 
A: Our children are between the ages of 1 year and twenty one. We support our children from the time that they become a part of our family until they have successfully completed university or vocational school and we have worked to assist them with their CV's and job connections for up to one year after their graduation. Our emotional support for our children lasts long into adulthood, even after they have left our home.  

Q: Does your home have any religious affiliation? 
A: The Zawadi La Tumaini home is an equal opportunity children's home. While we do promote a "Jesus-minded" ideology, we believe that no child should be turned away based on their religious or cultural background, and we allow our children to explore and practice the faith that suits their personal or cultural background. The founder of Zawadi La Tumaini and our immediate team all share Christian values, which further motivates our decision to support and love on children of all cultural and religious values. 

Q: I'm interested in volunteering at the Zawadi La Tumaini home. How would I do so? 
A: Please visit our volunteer page for detailed information on our volunteer programs. If you fit the criteria necessary to apply, you're invited to fill out one of our online volunteer application forms and we will review your application within seven business days.  

Q: I'm interested in donating to the Zawadi La Tumaini home, how would I do so? 
A: Our home operates on a donor to donor basis. We so value and appreciate those looking to invest in the Zawadi La Tumaini family. Please visit our donate page for more information on current donor needs and direct links to donate.