The Zawadi la Tumaini family is made up of dedicated men and women, youth, and children from around the world who send love and support to our family in Kenya. Through in-kind donations and financial contributions, providing our children with quality care in a loving supportive home would not be possible without all of YOU. 

Each month we feature one individual or business who goes above and beyond to support the Zawadi la Tumaini family. 

You are our heroes.




Suzanne Harvey 

Suzanne Harvey came to Kenya with her two daughters in 2014. Our Children's Home had just reached 1 year in operation and we were providing a home to 20+ incredible children. Suzanne, a trained ICU nurse, knew she wanted to do more to assist our local community. She founded the I See You program which provides medical treatment to the elderly completely free of charge and eye glasses clinics in Kikuyu and Soweto Slum. 

Suzanne became a member of the ZLT Board of Directors in 2016 and is the chair of the ZLT fundraising committee. To date Suzanne has raised over $15,000 for ZLT! She visits our home each year providing our children with beautiful memories and serving the community of Soweto. Suzanne has inspired many community members within Sudbury, ON to join her on trips to ZLT which has in turn provided our children and our community members with countless opportunities. Since its foundation in 2014 Suzanne's I See You program has provided over 1000 pairs of eye glasses to community members in need. 

Suzanne reminds us all that with compassion and grace anything is possible. She is a light in our community, and in our home, and we are so grateful to call Suzanne a member of the ZLT family! 


Meet the 100 FROM 100 family! 

In October 2017 we launched the 100 FROM 100 campaign. 

100 individuals, companies, families, and groups of friends donating $100 each month. 100 FROM 100 provides the ZLT with sustainability on a yearly basis. It allows us to continue providing quality care to our children within a loving home. 

Click here to meet the 100 FROM 100 family! 


Meet our Corporate Contributors!

Past and present, these are the companies dedicated to providing the gift of hope. 

For your generosity and support of our family since the beginning we thank you. 

Click here to meet our Corporate Contributors!