One of the most important steps in welcoming our children into the Zawadi family is rehabilitation. Zawadi la Tumaini provides a variety of counselling services and alternative therapies to help our children recover from the trauma they experienced. 

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Music resonates strongly with our children. Our music therapy program began in our first year when a guitar was donated to our home. We saw how quickly our children attached to the instruments donated to our family and how freeing it was for them to express themselves through song and dance. 

Musical Therapy is not forced onto our children. We take a natural, organic, approach to our children's rehabilitation and leave the musical instruments and equipment around our home to partake in musical therapy. 


Zawadi la Tumaini takes on a holistic approach to counselling. Our manager and primary house mother assists greatly with each child's transition into our home. Upon joining our family every child meets with our manager to discuss their journey and open up about their past at their own speed. Based on the child's needs we also seek assistance from individuals who are trained in clinic social work and counselling, or a psychologist, when necessary.  

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We encourage our children to express themselves creatively as a form of therapy and healing. We provide all of our children with the resources to partake in drawing, knitting, and crocheting to work through the trauma they experienced at a very young age. Artistic expression has proved to be the most beneficial form of therapy for our children to date. 

In addition to artistic expression our children also use yoga  and meditation as a form of healing.