Success Stories

A successful open heart surgery, 3 high school graduates, and academic successes - A Year in Review. 


1. Faith's Open Heart Surgery


Faith was 3 years old when she was rescued by Zawadi la Tumaini. She had been abused, malnourished, and hidden from the world at the hands of a relative. Thankfully Faith's neighbours shared her story with the ZLT social worker during a field visit. Within 24 hours Faith was rescued and found her forever home at ZLT. 

Within 24 hours of rescue Faith was hospitalized at Aga Khan Hospital. Faith was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart condition. She remained in hospital for 4 days being treated for severe malnourishment. Doctors were amazed that Faith was still alive after years of horrendous living conditions and living with a serious heart condition without treatment. 

ZLT was connected with a non-profit organization called "Save a Child's Heart". The organization performs open heart surgeries free of charge to disadvantaged children in developing countries. Faith and Jerusha, our incredible Manager / Mother to our children, travels to Israel in November to begin the journey of open heart surgery and healing. 

In January 2017 Faith underwent open heart surgery. She remained in the ICU unit for over a week and with the help of the incredible team at SACH she is now completely healed and has a healthy, functioning, heart. Shortly after returning home Faith began school and is now in Nursery Class. 1 year later Faith has completed her 1 year follow up and was informed that her surgery was a success and she will not require further surgeries. Faith is now a healthy and happy 5 year old girl! 


2. High School Graduates


In December 2017 our family was fortunate enough to witness 3 of our children graduate from high school. All 3 children plan to find part time employment and transition to university or training institutions within the next 6 months or less. At the moment the children (now adults) will begin learning CV writing, interview preparations, and work alongside the ZLT team to find part time employment. 


3. Academic Success 


In 2017 we celebrated another fantastic year for the ZLT family academically! On an elementary level our children exceeded our expectations - collectively passing with a grade "A" average!! To say we were very proud parents would be an understatement. Though not all of our children are academically blessed we are so proud of all of our kids of elementary school age for always trying their best. 

Our high school students diligently worked to improve their grades. All students improved their marks from our 2016 year in at least 1 subject (or more). 

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