We are now accepting volunteers! Volunteering costs $200 USD per week, with a two week minimum. You are welcome to stay with us for two, three, or four+ weeks.

To sign up please throughly read through the information on this page and the information on the volunteer information page before submitting an application for review!! We are so excited to have you on our team!

Please note, we do accept volunteers for a maximum of three months so if you wish for your trip to be longer than one month please indicate this during your application.

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Those interested in applying to volunteer with Zawadi La Tumaini children's home should plan to invest a minimum of two weeks in their volunteer experience. Volunteers should have previous volunteer experience and must be eighteen years or older or accompanied by an adult. 

Applying volunteers should expect to work within one of our three volunteer programs for a minimum of two weeks and for a maximum of three months. The options include: 


Suitable for individuals interested in general childcare or education

As a volunteer in the childcare and education program you will assist our children with in house tutoring and organizing indoor and outdoor activities and games. Volunteers will have the opportunity to create an in-house creative curriculum for the children that includes music, dance, and arts and crafts.  Volunteers with previous education experience have the opportunity to assist a teacher at our children's school. 


Program only available to individuals with background in nursing, medicine, or with 3+ years of volunteer medical experience. 

This program will provide you with placement at our local clinic where you will assist with pediatric care, prenatal and postnatal care and care for seniors in the community. In addition, you will assist with medical assessments of our home's children during the duration of you stay. May assist + partner with medical outreach initiatives. 


Program only available to individuals with a background in social work, psychology, public heath, or 3+ years of volunteer experience in community development. 

This programs allows volunteers to assist with counseling services for our children and within the community assisting with home visits to our children's living relatives. May counsel and oversee seniors in the community. 


Applying volunteers can expect to complete an application process that outlines their personal information and their desired volunteer information. Please throughly read through our extended volunteer information page and our volunteer information in the left column of this page before submitting a volunteer application. 

When you are ready to submit a volunteer application click here


Accepted volunteers will receive full access to our private volunteer lounge. The lounge is designed to answer any frequently asked questions, connect you with current and past volunteers, provide emotional support before you travel, and allow you to submit secure payments to cover your trip cost. 

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